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Breakups can be severely painful. Love stimulates such powerful and pleasurable neuro-chemicals that rejection can feel like withdrawal from a drug. It can compel us to engage in obsessive thinking and compulsive behavior, even in animals. Rejection and breakups are especially hard for codependents, who generally already have low self-esteem. This MP3 audio seminar can help you distinguish normal grief from codependency and discover the hidden reasons why breakups can be so difficult to get over. Identify the pitfalls that apply to you and how unconscious shame and past trauma amplifies suffering. Find out if you're stuck in a Cycle of Abandonment and how to heal. (You will get an email with a download link, or click the Paypal redirect link and refresh the order confirmation page to access the download link.)


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    Darlene, thank you so much for this audio. Listening to this gave me profound insight into my own experiences and suffering. I love how you explain things so clearly. Your work has allowed me to grow and learn so much about myself – and this has been life-changing. As always, your work never fails to amaze me. Thank you.

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