Seminars and Interviews on Codependency

This talk was given to counselors at Southern California Counseling Center. Part I discusses the symptoms and causes of codependency: Click: SCCC I (Part II is covered with professional development seminars. See link below)

Listen to a talk on the symptoms, causes, and progression of codependency, Codependency Live, June 12, 2012 

Discover the Languages of Love Telesummit, May 6, 2013 Codependency and Conflict

Girls 2 Women Telesummit, October 14, 2013 about how shame and self-esteem starts in childhood.

Relationship Revolution Summit. Dec. 8, 2013 On the origins of shame and its affect on relationships.

To Therapists and counselors: Click this link for professional development seminars.

3 thoughts on “Seminars and Interviews on Codependency

  1. Thank you – every piece of the puzzle is a help to the puzzled. The shame placed on a child’s essence and the blame placed on a child’s behavior makes the child’s life a fate worse than death. A child’s precognitive (fetal) memory [an unwanted pregnancy] combine with parental rejection and emotional neglect [attachment disorder] prompting suicidal (active and passive) sociopathic behaviors. This preconscious and subconscious development results in a “will” rooted in self-loathing, self-sabotage and self-destruction. This is established by age three (3) and festers into a pathological narcissism. The atypical fetus/infant/toddler has a loveless, broken spirit/soul as its “mainframe” through which all experience is filtered. At least that was my recollection.

    • The last sentence takes my breath away. I’m sure healing has be an arduous and rewarding journey and that you’re exquisitely sensitive to the feelings and needs of your clients – to their good fortune. I think you will appreciate my forthcoming book on shame.

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