How to Be Assertive

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Whether in parenting, a relationship, or in business, assertive communication enhances your effectiveness, confidence, and personal and professional success. Assertive communication builds self-esteem, enhances honesty and intimacy in relationships, creates collaborative win-win situations, and reduces anxiety and depression. Conflict is a big source of stress. Being assertive and setting boundaries and limits actually reduce stress, while benefiting your career, relationships, and sense of well-being.

You’ll learn how to improve overall communication, handle complaints, de-escalate conflict, and stand up to aggression. Here are a few of the many things you’ll learn:

  1. How to recognize your style, whether passive, aggressive, or assertive.
  2. New techniques to become assertive and improve non-verbal communication.
  3. Handy tips to avoid pitfalls when speaking assertively and setting boundaries.
  4. How to distinguish reactions from responses.
  5. Formulas for how to respond rather than react.
  6. The formula to turn conflict into compromise
  7. Identifying your rights and boundaries.
  8. Formula for setting limits.
  9. Tips and Do’s and Don’ts of setting boundaries and saying, “No.”
  10. Strategies for setting limits in the workplace and how to manage complaints and aggression.
  11. The 3-Strike rule in setting boundaries.
  12. Formula for setting limits and asking for what you want in personal relationships.
  13. Role play exercises for being assertive, setting limits, and managing complaints and abuse.
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