“I’m Not Perfect––I’m Only Human” –– How to Beat Perfectionism

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Perfectionism can be a blessing or a curse. When it helps us, it lifts our mood, and we can achieve significant accomplishments. But perpetually seeking an illusion can have serious consequences. It can become a painful trap from which we’re unable to escape. Its self-sabotaging side effects undermine our goals and creativity and spill over onto our co-workers and loved ones, damaging our relationships. At worse, it can be dehumanizing and compromise our ability to feel love and experience joy.

Fortunately, there are concrete steps to overcome perfectionism. This book discusses different types of perfectionists, from positive perfectionists to narcissistic perfectionists, how their relationships are affected, and the common myths they hold. Other disorders, such as OCD are distinguished, and the psychological, genetic, and environmental causes of perfectionism are explained. Examples of typical symptoms, thoughts, and behaviors are described. Ten chapters lay out the steps and detailed exercises to overcome perfectionism and achieve greater self-acceptance. The Appendix contains a personality test and parenting tips to build self-esteem rather than perfectionism.


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